It’s just one night, a night that you may not really care for or the night that you have always dreamed about. All the movies you have watched about it and you think you know everything. You’ll hear a million times “It’s our senior year we have to go”. It won’t matter if you go alone or with a date. Make this a night you won’t forget. Don’t worry who is watching while you kill it on the dance floor. Stay, don’t leave just because you have been there for 20 minutes and it’s “lame” to actually enjoy the whole reason you are dressed up. We live in a society that it’s too cool to actually stay for the dance and enjoy it but isn’t that why we are here. Be the person who changes the atmosphere. If you are having a good time people around will simply have a good time just because you are so happy.

My prom was Saturday and I had so much fun. It was at The Mason Fine Arts Gallery in Atlanta. It was everything I hoped for and more.  This is my last prom, It’s so bittersweet to think about. Prom day is so stressful yet so fun. I have always had my sister do my make up and little things like that is what I’m going to miss so much next year. I have been to 3 prom’s and this by far is my favorite dress. It was so simple and I would of never really pictured myself wearing a dress like this. It doesn’t matter if you spend 700 or 50 dollars on a dress as long as it makes you happy then who cares what anyone else thinks.

This is your last prom have the time of your life. Your going to miss getting all dressed up and taking pictures with all your friends, because if you think about it this will probably be the last time all of those people are with you doing all those things together. Remember prom is what you make it so go with the people who make you happy and do what makes the night the best for you.

Here are some pictures from my prom!